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Porsche 986 EV
Converting my 1997 Porsche 986 2.5l into and electric car.

ABOUT MY Project

My son and i are converting a 19 year old Porsche Boxster 986 into an electric car. 

 hopefully by the end of this conversion my son will have a much better engineering skill set and it will keep him off the computer for awhile. 

The car is a 2.5L 6 cylinder boxer motor that still drives very well had over the past few months while gathering all my parts i have has some fun driving it around. 

I will say if anyone is looking at converting a car get all your parts together first as it can take some time to get some parts exspecailly if you live in Australia.


I went with an AC motor as it is the "future" as the books and forums say but i probably should have gone with  DC for simplicity and cost.

The aim is to make the care look no different than before the conversion and reuse all the dash instruments. this is still yet to be accomplished but hopefully everything will come together.